What is a Dermaroller?

What is a Dermaroller?

The skin, which is the most important organ that beautifies the external appearance; It can be affected by many factors such as aging, exposure to sun rays, air pollution and acne, and tend to aging and staining. In particular, the scars left by acne, wounds and burns cause dark spots on the skin, leading to an unpleasant appearance. In recent years, with the diversification and functionalization of medical technology products used in the field of beauty, many new skin beautification and rejuvenation applications have emerged. Dermaroller or dermarolling , which is one of them ; It has been used frequently in the fields of skin care, skin rejuvenation, hair loss and scar treatment in recent years.

A dermaroller or dermarolling is a skin care device with many micro-sized needles on it. By moving the device on the skin surface, controlled damages are created in the upper layers of the skin. Since the needles are very small in size, they only affect the outer layers of the skin and trigger the healing of undesirable formations such as scar tissue, such as wounds, burns, acne scars. The use of dermaroller is preferred in many areas of skin beautification today. Here, Medical Park Gebze Hospital Department of Dermatology Specialist. Dr. Information about the Dermaroller method in skin treatment from Kenan Dibek…

What is Dermaroller? What Are the Benefits of Dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a cylindrical device with 200 premium quality needles made of pure titanium material. For this reason, Dermaroller is also called titanium. Dermaroller, which is among the first methods that provide beauty without a scalpel, is applied by moving it on the skin surface. The needles that come into contact with the skin surface open micro-channels in the dermis (bottom layer of the skin), which is located in the lower layer and where skin problems are usually seen. The body, which perceives these micro-channels as a wound, begins to renew itself. The production of collagen and elastin fibers that give volume and fullness to our skin is increased.

In addition, with the help of these opened channels, a large amount of absorption of cosmetics and serums is provided. In the old methods, while the applied cosmetics penetrate the skin at a rate of 3%, this rate increases up to 400% when used with dermaroller.


Pimples that occur on the face or any part of the body due to puberty, genetics and stress can leave scars behind. These scars, which spoil the aesthetic appearance, can cause loss of self-confidence in people. It is possible to treat acne scars, which are frequently seen in women and men, with Dermaroller devices of appropriate size according to their depth.

When the Dermaroller is swept over acne scars, it creates micro holes in the problem area. Perceiving these holes as wounds, the body sends collagen to that area and rapid regeneration and revitalization begin. In addition, cosmetics and vitamins cannot be a solution to acne scars when used alone, but when used together with Dermaroller, much better results are obtained as they are absorbed faster and can reach the lower layers. For those who use Dermaroller for acne and acne scars, it will be enough to apply once every 2-4 weeks. Dermaroller, which does not take much time thanks to its ease of use and reliability, leads to a visible change in acne scars at the end of 4-5 sessions.


Hair loss occurs in men and women over time due to many reasons such as genetics, stress and external factors. Traditional hair care and repair methods only affect the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. However, hair follicles are located in a much lower layer, namely the dermis. Since the permeability rate of the scalp is at most 3%, the effects of such old methods are often very slow or no significant change can be achieved as a result of the applications. As a result, expensive vitamins, conditioning oils and serums are often wasted. In order to increase the permeability rate of the scalp, dermatologists have developed Dermaroller needling therapy, the successful effects of which have been proven repeatedly in clinical trials. Thanks to this method, temporary microscopic holes are opened on the lower and upper layers of the scalp; The creams, vitamins and serums used are absorbed by the scalp quickly and with high intensity. Thanks to this absorption, hair follicles are nourished, strengthened and healthy new hair follicles are obtained.


With Dermaroller, it is possible to intervene in bruises under the eyes caused by genetic factors, weight gain or various health problems, and under-eye bags caused by water retention and aging. Dermaroller stimulates the under eye skin and initiates regeneration. As a result of use every 3 weeks, a visible effect is achieved on the under-eye bruises and bags in a short period of 4-5 months. For this purpose , those who use Dermaroller can have a more lively and healthy eye structure.


Stretch marks, which are caused by many reasons such as pregnancy, excessive weight gain and loss, height increase and hormonal changes in adolescence, are a kind of skin tear and occur in the dermis, which is the lower layer of the skin. The needles on the Dermaroller make micro holes in the dermis layer where cracks occur, where no cosmetics can reach. Perceiving these holes as wounds, the body quickly begins to repair the area where the cracks are concerned. Thus, by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanism, collagen is increased and cracks begin to heal rapidly. In addition to this effect of Dermaroller, thanks to the micro channels it opens, the permeability rate of the skin is increased and the absorption of collagen serums, vitamins and stretch marks creams is provided. In this way, cosmetics used for cracks can have a direct effect.


Experts have worked for years to prevent aging and have accepted the skin stimulation system as the solution. When the Dermaroller is moved over the skin, it stimulates the skin with the help of micro needles on it and provides a continuous collagen formation and vitality. Even without any skin problems, it may be possible to avoid time with the help of Dermaroller, which is recommended to be used only once a month for anti-aging purposes. In addition, thanks to the channels that Dermaroller opens on the skin, the effect of anti-aging creams and serums is increased up to 400 times. Dermaroller, which is suitable for use every 3 weeks for wrinkles that usually occur around the eyes and on the lips due to facial expressions, can cure wrinkles in a short time like 4-5 months.


After surgery, burning and injury, raised or superficial scars and spots usually occur on the skin. It is possible to treat these scars, which settle over time and usually consist of dead cells, with the Dermaroller needling system. Dermaroller is applied to the area where the scar is at three-week intervals. Different sizes of Dermaroller are recommended according to the depth of the scar. Thanks to the needles on the Dermaroller applied to the problem area, the skin is stimulated and blood flow is provided. Rapid regeneration begins in the area and the scar is first lowered to the skin surface, and then it is worked to disappear. It may take time for the scar to disappear completely, but after 5-6 sessions with Dermaroller, a visible improvement is achieved.

If you have scars, burns and acne scars, wrinkles and cracks, under-eye bruises and bags, or if you have hair loss and baldness problems, you can consult dermatologists to start dermarolling. If you are suitable for the use of Dermaroller, you can plan your treatment process with your doctor and have a younger and more beautiful-looking skin or healthy hair.