What are the causes of fatigue?

What are the causes of fatigue?

Fatigue can have many causes. However, the main factors that cause fatigue are:

  • Anemia, anemia problem experienced by the person
  • The person’s thyroid glands are working less than they should
  • Some diseases of the connective tissue of the person
  • Some disorders in the person’s metabolic working system
  • Depression, which occurs as a result of a person’s mental problems, is considered among the causes of fatigue.

If fatigue is not seen due to any disease, if it does not reduce your quality of life and work force, you can be patient for a while. However, if the fatigue overwhelms your whole quality of life and makes you unable to work, you should definitely consult a doctor.

How is fatigue treated?

Treatment of fatigueFirst of all, it is necessary to determine the factor or factors that cause fatigue. However, sometimes there are some states of weakness that develop without being connected to any disease. For example, seasonal changes, temporary periods of mental disorders, fatigue can be seen when you get insufficient sleep. If your fatigue complaint has become a constant state and your quality of life has decreased, you should immediately consult a doctor. Your doctor will determine if there is any underlying disease that is the cause of your fatigue. If you are experiencing fatigue due to a disease, the treatment process of that disease is started. For example, if it is determined that you have fatigue due to anemia, blood is supplemented, or if you experience fatigue because your thyroid glands are underactive, Treatment that will make your thyroid glands work faster is started. If you have a problem of fatigue, you should never drink various vitamins on your own without going to the doctor, without an examination, with hearsay. Because the excess and unconscious vitamins given to the body can lead to your poisoning.

Tests you should have if you have a complaint of fatigue

If your fatigue problem is constant and leaves you behind from your daily life, you should definitely consult a doctor. Among the general tests you should have for fatigue, you can have blood tests, thyroid tests, sugar tests, tests to determine whether it is related to joints and rheumatic diseases.

What should be eaten between meals for the complaint of fatigue?

One of the best things to do to get rid of the complaint of fatigue is to get used to eating snacks. If you do not give certain nutrients to your body at the right times, it is inevitable that you will feel sluggish during the day. Especially in the afternoon, that is, between lunch and dinner, you should definitely consume some food. Having two snacks between 12 noon and 7 pm and consuming a fruit in one, diet type biscuits or low-calorie foods in the other snack will be extremely beneficial to eliminate your fatigue.

Does exercise cure fatigue?

Yes. In fact, exercising, doing sports is one-to-one against fatigue. However, in order to exercise, you must first be in a state of mind. For this reason, wake up with the sun in the morning and exercise outdoors or on the balcony or terrace of your home, even for only 10 minutes, against the sunrise. This will give you strength for the exercises you want to do during the day and will relieve your fatigue.

How to eat to eliminate fatigue?

When you look at people who complain of fatigue, the common point of all of them is the wrong diet. The person sometimes unconsciously removes carbohydrate foods from his life completely, sometimes in order to diet and lose weight. Since the energy needed by the person is found in carbohydrates, the person is left alone with the problem of fatigue. For this reason, you should definitely take the amount of carbohydrates you need to take during the day. Because if you take less, you may have to deal with many other diseases such as hair loss, nail breakage, as well as fatigue. For this reason, you can consume foods such as bulgur, kiwi, apple, quince, pear, dried legumes, which are low in sugar, against fatigue.

What can be eaten to get rid of fatigue in the summer season?

Many people complain of fatigue in the hot weather of summer. In fact, with proper nutrition, you can get rid of the fatigue caused by hot weather. For example, 2 glasses of lemonade you drink a day will both cool you down and give you energy with vitamin C. Likewise, ice cream and buttermilk provide a solution to the fatigue experienced in the summer season. In addition, dried apricots, dried almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, dried figs are extremely useful in combating summer fatigue.