How to make hairstyles more stylish! ? How to get hairstyles rich in design?
Let’s follow Vern instructor LULU to dye and cut——

Key Point ① Wispy effect
Key Point ② Asymmetry is more fashionable
Key Point ③ Classy and gradation in color

Change the hairstyle and make you look marvelous
Create your own fashion highlights

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00:26 6Eb+6E: Texturizing
00:36 6Eb+6E: Slanting texturizing
00:44 6Ea+Bridge+6Eb+6E: Texturizing
00:54 6V: Horizontal cut
01:06 6Vx2: Point cut
01:23 6Vx2: Slide cutting
01:33 6Ed: Slanting texturizing
01:48 6Ed: Slanting cut
02:03 hair style
02:13 next video.

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Cutting series Vern Scissors
Cut Layers and Contour Line
6V+6V=Point cut : To create light and soft hairstyles.
6V+6E= Horizontal cut : To create One-length and geometric hairstyles.

Texturizing series Vern Scissors
Texturize Hair Volume
6Ea for less hair volume
6Eb for medium hair volume
6Ec for more hair volume
6Ea+6Eb+6Ec= Texturizing to cut : Natural hair ends without hard lines.

Styling Series Vern Scissors
Create Defined and Special Effects
6Ed for less hair volume
6Ee for more hair volume
6Ed=Slanting texturizing : To create sofe and wispy effect.
6Ee=Horizontal texturizing : To cut length for hairstyle with exclusive effect.

Super Curve Series Vern Scissors
Cut Layers and Contour Line
6N curve and various technical effects
6N+6N= perfect for fly cutting

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