Natural Remedies Smackdown!

Herbal treatment methods, which are used both to protect the body against diseases and to heal, have been very popular in recent years. These methods, which use plants and botanical sources for the treatment of humans, have been passed to the medical literature as Phytotherapy or Herbal therapy. Herbal treatment methods have been used since ancient times, with the advancement of science, plants have been classified according to their benefits.

Let’s look at the use of herbal remedies together and whether they really work.

Note: The information contained in the content is purely for informational purposes. This information we provide is compiled from sources on the Internet. Please do not create your own schedule without consulting your doctor.

Today, 80% of African and Asian societies still primarily use herbal treatment methods.

Herbal treatment methods, which have also been carried out in clinical studies around the world, are recommended by doctors for some diseases. In Germany, 7 out of 10 patients preferred to use herbal methods. In addition, 7 thousand of the medicines produced are of vegetable origin.

Almost a quarter of the drugs used are of plant origin.

The pharmaceutical industry also benefits from these medicinal properties of herbs. As a result of the developments in chemistry and biochemistry in the 20th century, the opportunity to conduct toxicological, pharmacological and clinical studies on plants has emerged and the opportunity to benefit from these plants in drug production has increased. The ingredients of some of the drugs used contain the substances that emerged in the findings obtained from these studies.

There is a herbal medicine for everything in society!
In our country, where there are countless herbalists and is a rich herbal geography, herbal medicines and medicinal formulas are frequently encountered among the people, passed down from generation to generation.

Of course, nature does not only offer us medicinal and healthy plants. There is no fact that every nutrient we call natural will be beneficial, on the contrary, its damages can be seen.

Your body’s reaction to so-called medicines made by mixing herbs “heard from an acquaintance” can be negative.

It has become very common to produce and market formulas without scientific validity. The products sold cannot be a cure or can cause harm.

Medicines touted as herbal may contain unhealthy chemicals in them. In other words, people who avoid chemicals use unhealthy chemicals while trying the herbal route.

Consult a doctor about the ailment without using herbal medicines. Advice should be sought from pharmacists for various non-prescription herbal medicines.

In addition, do not buy or use herbal medicines from herbalists who have turned this business into trade and from people without medical authorization.