How to find skincare products under 35$ | Skincare routine I Skin care tips 2022 New Styles

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How to find skincare products under 35$ I My skincare routine I Grooming simple technique
Don’t buy any skin products until you watch these videos, I will reveal secrets of my skincare products for under 35$.

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1.CeraVe Daily Face Cleanser Facial Moisturizer Bundle or
Foaming Facial Cleanser (for Oily Skin)
2. Face Moisturizer Lotion AM SPF 30 with Hyaluronic Acid, Fragrance-Free.
3. Cereve Hydrating toner for normal to dry skin

How to wash your face in 4 easy and fast/simple way everyday routines.
1. Wash your hands- It may seem counterintuitive, but you should do this first-otherwise all that dirt and bacteria will wind up on your face.
2. Cleanse gently – Wet your face warm, not hot.
3. Be thorough-When applying cleanser start on your forehead, then move down your nose, across to your checks, and down to your chin.
4. Rinse Completely – Wash the cleanser off by repeatedly splashing cool water over your face.

Benefits of using cold water over your face.
a. close the pores.
b. It tones the skin making it look fresh and younger.
c. helps to fill out the wrinkles on your face.

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How to find skincare products under 35$ | Skincare routine I Skin care tips 2022 New Styles

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