Hairstyles I’m Currently Loving
Recently I’ve been on a kick to try more hairstyles with my longer hair. I’ve been looking online for some inspiration and saved a lot of hairstyles to try and recreate on myself. Today, I’m sharing two hairstyles that I can’t stop wearing and two other hairstyles that I’ve saved but haven’t tried. All of these hairstyles are great for medium to long hair length or if you’re able to pick up your hair into a high ponytail.

Products Used/Mentioned:
*Gimme Hair Ties:
*Slip Silk Small Scrunchies:
*Clear Hair Elastics (30mm):
*Bronze Hair Pins (4.5 inch; Nugold Bright Brass):
*Velvet Hair Scrunchies:

*Affiliate link from Amazon/RewardStyle.

Hair Instagram Handles:

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